Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

The bride and groom’s exit from the reception is truly a memorable moment for everyone in attendance, quite possibly the most memorable moment of the entire day! It is the official beginning of your lives together, and symbolizes all of the exciting things that are to come for the happy couple. In the past it has been tradition for wedding guests to toss rice to “shower” the bride and groom with wishes of prosperity, fertility, and good fortune. However, in recent years this type of send-off has fallen to the wayside (Can you say yawn?!) as more unique and exciting send-offs have become increasingly popular with today’s bride. Have you attended a recent wedding that featured an unforgettable send-off? In 2018, we are hoping to see more and more happy couples leaving their receptions in style!

In recent years the use of sparklers and confetti has become the new norm in reception exits. However, putting a unique twist on even these increasingly unoriginal send-offs can make your special day come to an unforgettable close! Not only will your guests be wowed, but the resulting photos are sure to make your memories last a lifetime. 

Up up and away........

Up up and away........


Give ‘Em Something to Throw!

Your guests will love the opportunity to get up and see you off, and what better way to bring them to their feet than giving them something to throw in your direction. This could also double as your favor in some instances (say it with me, double duty!). In 2018, eco-friendly options may be a sachet filled with lavender or eucalyptus leaves which both would lend a beautiful scent to your exit, provide beautiful pictures, and afterwards guests can take leftovers home to freshen up their linen closet. Score! Planning a beach wedding? Flower petals (in your wedding colors, of course) or even mini beach balls could really make your exit unforgettable and in turn offers the opportunity for some incredible photos.  


Bubbles, Balloons, or Lanterns, you know things that fly?! 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking...”Bubbles, really? That’s not that original (obvious eye roll).” But in addition to giving your guests bubbles to blow in your direction, while also  providing a possible wedding favor (hmm...?), you could also utilize a bubble machine that would make for some really spectacular photo-ops with thousands of bubbles flying all around you. Seems magical, right?! Balloons are another fun option for an interesting wedding send-off, especially if you consider the different styles,colors, and sizes of balloons available. The only thing you really have to worry about here is clean-up and/or retrieval. Another pretty romantic option could be the floating paper lanterns that are propelled by the flame inside of  them. Super dreamy photos, plus it offers some serious symbolism! Ahhh, love it! 


Give ‘Em Something to Hold!

Now if you’re not really into having flying objects propelled at your head on your special day, no biggie! These options may be more up your alley. Streamer or Ribbon wands can be waved in your direction during your exit with personalized colors and sayings on them. The more colorful the better to make your pictures really pop! Hosting a wedding close to the winter holidays? Jingle bell wands in the hands of your guests could make for a wonderfully musical wedding send-off, with bells in silver and gold, or even your wedding colors. An interesting alternative to sparklers for a nighttime send-off are extra long glow sticks. Guests can wave them in your direction to produce some amazingly fun and colorful pictures. 


Disappearing Act

And finally, if your interested in something a little more dramatic, colorful smoke bombs are an absolutely breathtaking way to exit your wedding day! Can you imagine you and your new partner disappearing behind a cloud of colorful smoke?! Sounds so James Bond, but also pretty romantic and even a tad artsy!

So, have you thought about how you want to exit your wedding? Although it may not be the first thought in your mind, planning your wedding send-off can be exciting and will definitely get your creative wheels turning. Beginning to brainstorm can be a fun way to escape all of the other seemingly endless decisions you have to make when it comes to your big day! If you’ve seen any of these or other unforgettable send-offs, please do share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you and what you think of these awesome ways to end the most romantic and memorable day of your life.